4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Office for Your Business

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Albert Einstein on the Need to Keep Moving


Making the decision to get an office is just the step number one in the physical extension of your business. The same is true when you are moving from one office to another because your space requirements have evolved.

From there on, your next challenge is to make the right decisions in terms of choosing the perfect office space. Doing so will make sure that you achieve the positives you set out to achieve with the decision to acquire a new office space for your business.

Here are 4 suggestions, based on our personal experience:


1. Pick a Brand Fit

Whether we realise or not, each office location comes with a certain reputation, making it the factor number 1 in terms of choosing an office space for your business.

At a corporate level, this fact is well established – it is all about location, location, location. For instance, when choosing a new headquarters for a company, apart from the project feasibility itself, the first major consideration is always the location of the space.

This emphasis on location can also take another shape. Specifically, if you are looking for an office within a bloc, most business centres either only accept specific kinds of businesses or end up becoming hubs with similar businesses. Under such circumstances, picking a brand fit takes the uber-important shape of maintaining and improving your reputation.

For example, if a offices bloc only takes creative businesses while you provide financial services, even though you may have a creative side to your business, it is advisable to rethink your decision before applying for an office space.


Walter Landor on Branding


2. Make it Accessible

We don’t go into business for ourselves.

It is true that business has a financial gain aspect. However, most businesses are set out to solve a problem. In other words, you are in business to sell to your customers.

This means that there is a possibility that your clients, or even potential clients, will want to visit you. Therefore, choosing an accessible location, preferably within a sensible driving distance is important. In addition, it also helps to have some kind of parking facilities, either within the office vicinity or close-by.

This point of accessibility is also important from the angle of your own team. You can imagine that if your employees have to travel for extravagant lengths of time, their morale is going to take a nosedive.

Similarly, from a team perspective, it helps to setup an office in an area where the necessary amenities are nearby. Extend the case to socialising options and you have a real winner on hand.


Ben Bernanke on Commuting to Work


3. Plan for a Little Bigger

It is all well and good to get a new office. But, you will soon realise that the movement itself is not so fun. In most cases, at least for a limited period, you will lose some gas from your business activities. However, once you get back on track, things should get back the flow.

Now imagine repeating the activity a couple of months later. 

Change is all well and good. But, enforced change just doesn’t feel right.

Therefore, when getting an office, go for something slightly bigger than your needs at a given time. In short, it is ok to be a little optimistic here. 

A consideration that arises from getting a slightly bigger space then is budgeting for the change. Here, it is advisable to let go of some extra leisure for an appropriate increase in size. You can always spend a little more later and improve the facilities with some extra cash.


Helen Keller on Optimism


4. Value Access and Safety

If you have been in business for a while now, you know that business activities are not just confined to weekdays. In fact, the way most weekdays go for entrepreneurs, you only get time on weekends to push that extra bit and get things done. 

In such cases, having unrestricted, 24/7 access to your office is key.

However, from a safety perspective, there needs to be some barriers to entry into your office building. Away from the human safety angle, you may also have valuable equipment in your office that needs to be safeguarded. Here, safety measures can be anything from high tech scans to a simple key to get through. 

In any case, some level of safety precautions is vital. In short, motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and other forms of monitoring, at least of the common areas, is necessary. 


Theodore Roosevelt on Striving for Better


Concluding Remarks

In this blog, we tried covering the external considerations for finding the perfect office for your business. However, this should not be the extent of your research.

In fact, once you have found an office for yourself, you need to look into the intricate details that will make a difference for you too. To cover the said intricate details, we have written another piece that you may like. Check:

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Now a little business proposition:

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