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Meeting Rooms Leicester

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Meeting Rooms - Serviced Offices Leicester - Serviced Offices in Leicester

Meeting Spaces

Our meeting rooms in Leicester fulfil a variety of needs. 

Whether you need a meeting room for a meeting, a conference, or an event, we have helpfully divided the available rooms by tags. Simply choose the option/s most relevant to you, e.g. close to the train station, and hit search.

Leicester Meeting Rooms

Available Facilities

In addition, we also provide a clear outline of the available facilities within the meeting rooms. 

This includes information about, but not limited to, the onsite furniture, projectors, lighting, and sound systems. Once again, such information about the meeting rooms in Leicester has been added to tags.

Meeting Rooms for Hire Leicester

Meeting Room Styles

Furthermore, we have also specified our meeting rooms by styles. 

This allows you to filter your requirements even further, providing a truly personalised experience. Currently, we have included auditoriums, banquets, hollow squares, classrooms, cinemas, U-shaped, break out spaces, and conference centre / conference venue styles as choices.

Further Specifics

Along similar lines, you can divide the meeting rooms for the kind of quality that you require. 

Here, the options include “Value for Money”, “Practical”, and “Executive”. You will also get a chance to add some extra features, for example catering, tea/coffee, free or paid parking, and white boards and stationary.

Sorev - Serviced Offices - Service Offices Rental

About Sorev

Sorev is primarily a platform for serviced offices.

However, from our personal experience, the serviced offices ecosystem, and business in general, is incomplete without a few, little touches. One such touch is meeting rooms.

Similar to most of our extensions, we have tried to truly personalise your meeting room booking options for Leicester. In fact, we keep refining our searches and options, chasing customer satisfaction constantly.

Learn more about us by visiting the “About Us” page.

Beyond Meeting Rooms

Other Services by Sorev

Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices

Businesses need to match their offices with their brand identity.

Therefore, we help businesses find their ideal serviced offices and fulfil their potential.



We believe that holding your clients’ hands and providing an educational experience is important for long term business

By doing so, you are truly sharing your potential value. At Sorev, you are able to list your events, as long as you have a specified location for it, for free.

How can I improve office design?

Business Listings

Want to look for local services and learn more about them? Then check our listings.

Similarly, you are able to list your business if you have an office. On a side note, listing your business and office on our platform is good for your Google SEO rankings, in terms of a social indicator.

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