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More than Just a Serviced Offices Platform

A Little Roundabout

Textile in Leicester

The Backdrop

Traditionally, Leicester, in the East Midlands, was known for its textiles industry in the 80’s and 90’s. However, the modern Leicester landscape is quite different. 

These days, Leicester is a hotspot for investments in property, buildings, and office spaces.

Yet, there is still a gap between the commercial investment and businesses that require such and related services.

A Story

Even the biggest of businesses struggle to find the right office space and business centre. 

For instance, Mattioli Woods, a short walk from us, founded in Leicester, had to relocate their offices to Leicester City centre because of the lack of facilities near their previous option. Given that employees have the option to find new opportunities, it has become even more important for employers to find the right place.

Serviced Offices

The Solution

Coming with an entrepreneurial spirit, when we were looking for our first fully equipped office, we encountered the issue of finding one. Later, after moving into our office, we realised that there were options all along. However, there was no digital means of finding this information to the required extent.

This is the idea behind Sorev.

More than Just a Serviced Offices Platform in the Business Park

Added Options at Sorev

Textile in Leicester

Shared Offices

Are you just starting up and in the inbetween stage of working from a coffee shop and wanting your own office but not ready with your cash flow? Consider sharing a space.

Leicester Cheese

Area Knowledge

We are from the heart of Leicester and know local businesses. Want friendly advice your business needs. Just drop us a line or give us a call on 01163184131.


Setting the Stage

It’s not just the 4 walls you are renting. In addition, we do our best to share info about your new neighbours. So, you will have the set-basis to collaborate and grow.

Sorev - Serviced Offices - Service Offices Rental

About Sorev

Our beginnings were in commercial property. (So, do not expect a solution from the National Space Centre in Leicester. We keep things simple).

Since then, we have grown our business network where we see the need for more collaboration opportunities. Through Sorev and with our skills, we bring businesses together with commercial landlords. 

Further, we have the ambition to enhance the business economy within Leicester and create commercial opportunities for the local community.

Explicitly, we provide a platform for commercial landlords and professionals to advertise their serviced offices in Leicester, UK. 

In addition, we provide updated search fields allowing business tenants to find their ideal serviced office.

Beyond Serviced Offices

Other Services by Sorev

Meeting Rooms - Serviced Offices Leicester - Serviced Offices in Leicester

Meeting Rooms

Businesses regularly need to find ideal meeting spaces to fit the clients needs. 

Also, hiring a meeting room can sometimes be a great introduction to serviced office buildings. For us, alternatively, it was a hotel meeting room that kickstarter our beginnings.



We believe that holding your clients’ hands and providing an educational experience is important for long term business

By doing so, you are truly sharing your potential value. At Sorev, you are able to list your events, as long as you have a specified location for it, for free.

How can I improve office design?

Business Listings

Want to look for local services and learn more about them? Then check our listings.

Similarly, you are able to list your business if you have an office. On a side note, listing your business and office on our platform is good for your Google SEO rankings, in terms of a social indicator.

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